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Hello. If you're new to the Elisha Cuthbert International Community, please make sure to read and take-in the following Guidelines (by registering as a new user you accept the rules below):

1: Please be careful when choosing your user-name: basically you can have anything as username as long as it is not, offensive or denigrating towards yourself or the others. >>Please make a post in the newbie area or anywhere else you like, as soon as you register (make a post within 15 minutes!), otherwise you will be considered an internet bot/spammer or to have a fake username account - and in this case - the user account will get DELETED! PROFILE editing is not allowed to new members - you cannot have a forum signature or profile editing access until you make 10 useful posts (NOT SPAM!) for this Elisha community!

2: When posting a topic about for example a comment or question regarding -The Girl Next Door if there is a ready opened topic like it, please do not start a new one. Just post your comment or question in the topic that has already got comments and questions on the topic you're interested, so then everyone who comes here can simply view one topic regarding people's questions and comments on the given topic. It is also a good idea as it saves the forum being filled with the same topics again and again.

3: Please do not post links to websites that can be used to download movies, mp3s etc as we do not promote warez sites here.

4: Old topics will be locked - locking old topics will stop people from bumping old topics.

4: No conversations between two members are allowed if that could easily be done via private message or live instant messaging software.

6: Do not bump old topics. Topics that are not popular and have not been posted in for two weeks or less might not be available for posting anymore.

7: Type all messages out in English - no other foreign language - as people might not understand and your posts will be deleted. Failure to comply will result in a warning and then a ban from the forum. Other languages besides International English are not accepted here on this forum, unless there is a translation for each quote like in the following example (but please do not abuse or your posts will be deleted):

"...........foreign language text........"


"....the text translated into English..."

Note: American and British users are kindly required do their best not to use slang or jargon language as it would only make things harder for the rest of the forum members.

8: Please do not intentionally flame or offend any other member, posts of this nature will be locked, or in extreme cases deleted entirely.

9: No Porn! Let's keep this forum clean. That includes no naked images of Elisha that are obviously fakes as we all know she doesn't do those types of images.

10: Please avoid posting simple "yes", "no", "I agree" type of posts as it does not contribute to the discussion of the topic in question and it is just a simple answer that doesn't encourage other posters to make a clear and positive reply. Also short pointless messages which don't add anything to the topic might be deleted.

11: Also please also try and stay on topic - going to talk about why we hate people of a certain kind and why you didn't have a good morning has nothing to do with the topic in hand and the forum.

12: Please make sure when starting a new topic that the subject is clear to people browsing the forum - and has something to do with the topic.

13: For avatars, pictures you can use ImageVenue.us as storage. For larger files like movies you can always use RapidShare.com for uploading them and then posting the download links.

14: No free advertising! You are not allowed to post links to other websites without the approval of the webmaster! (pictures hosted on image hosting websites are accepted).

15: As you might have noticed, the pictures section is accessible only to registered users. Since there was a problem of lazy people taking the pictures for granted and posting them on other forums right after they were posted here, we decided to implement a new user class: the "Lurker" - since some members cannot refrain from the nasty habit of taking pictures from here and posting them somewhere else without giving the proper credit to users like KroS, Sentinel, Demasiado, Rabies (our main HQ pictures providers). So, any member suspected of breaking this rule, will be demoted to the Lurker user-class, without further notice. Lurkers do not have access to the pictures section.

These are the rules. Do your best to obey them. If you are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of the forum, then please don't hesitate to ask any of the moderating team members about it: LightSabre, Skavenger, Curlyn@tor™, Sentinel, Dave, Vaughn, Artemis or Cristobal. The Guidelines are powered and upheld by Law-Enforcer. Everything you see on this site is © Elisha Cuthbert International Forum. Attempts to copy or imitate without written consent are a simple proof of the incapability of the webmasters of other sites to generate genuine content for themselves, and will be treated accordingly.

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