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Katy 03-18-2015 09:59 PM

One Big Happy

      Hey, folks, Elisha's latest TV appearance is in a new TV show called "One Big Happy" (family). This is not for younger people, even if this is just a short-comedy-episodes TV Show. The official show story goes something like this: "Uptight lesbian Lizzy and laid-back best friend Luke have been close since they supported each other through their parents' divorces as kids, so all grown-up and still single, it seemed like a natural decision to have a baby together. One night, after a failed attempt to conceive, they hit the bar, where they meet free-spirited Brit Prudence, whom Luke automatically likes and Lizzy doesn't. Soon Luke and Prudence are spending all their time together, and when Lizzy discovers that finally she's pregnant, it turns out they have news too - they're married! Together they form a different kind of family."

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