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Default Re: Name the important Ladies in your life

Well, counting all the girls I've been with since middle school .. oh man!

Alexandra, my first love who remained my best friend. Then comes Laura .. another conquest, really nice girl. After her comes Veronica. Oh my, this girl really stumbled my metaphyzics. We're just friends now.

Dancers from DownTown Nightclub Falticeni : Andreea and Ioana.

Azzurra from the Xenonweb Magazine team and of course, Ruby.

Now from Bucharest: my current alternative girlfriend - Monica who seems to be quite a cool girl but I don't know, we need to get to know each other better before we go serious.

Mihaela, Irina, DeeDee Cosmina and Cristina are with the gang here at Uni. If other girls are too busy going out, well these ones are always free because we're at the same College!

Anna from the Rep. Of Moldova is a very close friend. We meet during summer while I'm visiting my sister there.

Oh, last but not least : Elisha Cuthbert, my etalon when looking for beauty in a woman hehe !

I can talk about my one night adventures in Bucharest's clubs but there are too many and I was drunk most of the times.
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