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Arrow New Man

Recently, there has been a rumor on the Internet about Elisha Cuthbert dating "Calgary Flames defenceman" - Dion Phaneuf. True or not, it is Elisha's right to have a private life and to date whomever she wants, no matter what the brainless people from tabloid magazines think. It is very amusing to see how other sites have treated the subject: they are in shock and can't believe

Seriously now, guys, Elisha is not the kind of woman who would stay alone for long knowing how many people love her. Anyway, this is about Elisha's private life, so nothing much will be discussed here on this topic, unless it gets mixed up with her professional life in which we are most interested to begin with. I just thought that it would be nice of us to drop a few lines on the subject to show that we are aware of what Elisha may be up to these days.
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Default Re: New Man

Pretty much no gossip site holds any weight with me unless they have photographic evidence to support their stories. Otherwise they can just make crap up, because people will believe anything they read it seems.

The recent story couldn't be more vague. They say she's "been seen around town," and "has been at the Flames games" well, no kidding, she's from Calgary. Maybe she's just watching some hockey?

The conclusions that the tabloids jump to are hilarious sometimes.
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Default Re: New Man

all i will say is that, whether it's a gossip or not, she thinks twice before hooking up with anyone....we don't want to see her beside another Avery or Ayala or whoever those people were
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Default Re: New Man

hope all goes well and this deja vu boyfriend isn't just another future-ex'
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Default Re: New Man

So who is Elisha dating now?
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