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Default Elisha loses her temper

i know this isn't much.....

Actress Elisha Cuthbert lost her temper with a car parking valet on Monday night after accusing him of double charging her.

The '24' star and a friend were leaving Hollywood nightclub Hyde when the valet asked them to pay up. The actress protested she'd already paid him.

Annoyed Cuthbert, whose car was surrounded by paparazzi, told the valet, "Dude, you're an a**hole," before driving off, reports website TMZ.com.

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Default Re: Elisha loses her temper

I've seen the video, and it's nothing. She actually comes across as very nice. She's nice all the way to her car, and even thanks the paparazzi for being nice to her while they're taking pictures. Then she lets some random street band who had been waiting for her outside her car play for her.

Then some a-hole valet comes up to her car window looking for more money and she says "Dude, you're an a**hole, we already paid."

This is just the usual TMZ jumping all over a celebrity for acting like any normal person would. The guy was probably legitimately trying to scam her. Seriously, do they really think she would try to scam the valet out of $20? That's nothing to her.
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Default Re: Elisha loses her temper

Yeah, you wouldn't belive how iritating can be these "small people". They try to take advantage of wealthy people like leeches.
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Default Re: Elisha loses her temper

Well they are a**holes. They should leave her alone... I'm sure they could be following someone else like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton who can't get enough of them.
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