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Post A Story about Elisha (fictional)

some of you might know it .

One day, while I was strolling down the street thinking about nothing I run into my neighbor and my friend Ady.

Ady: Hi!
Me: Hi!
Ady: What`cha doing tonight?
Me: Donít know really, I think Iím going to see a movie or something. Havenít thought about it.
Ady: why donít you come over to my house and we can watch a movie together.
Me: sure. Iíll be there at around 7. Is that okay?
Ady: cool. See you then.
Me: ok. Bye!
Ady: bye!

After that I went home , ate something and just sat in bed for like half an hour and then I took some movies I had and went off to Ady`s house.

Me: hey, how are you?
Ady: fine, fine. Come in.

2 mins later

Me: so what do you want to see tonight?
Ady: I donít know really. Hmm ... how about a horror movie?
Me: err. Ok. Letís see what do we have here ... ooh. Jeepers Creepers 2
Ady: ok then, if itís a horror put it in
Me: ok then ... * hitting PLAY *

After an hour and a half (when the movie ended)

Me: listen man, I should be going home, it is kinda late
Ady: Donít worry dude, its okay.
Me: ok then, if you say so. What do you want to see now?
Ady: Err; let me see what you have... Err, jackass, saw it, Euro trip, saw it, Duplex, and saw it. How about ďThe girl next doorĒ ... whatís this one about?
Me: hmm... I donít remember actually. I know I saw it at school some time, but I couldnít understand much of it because it was kinda noisy there. Ooh. I remember, itís with a hot girl... a p0rn star, or something and come geeks. Eh, canít remember well.
Ady: sweet ... put it in man ... put it in
Me: ok. Ok. Keep your pants on * hitting PLAY *

After the film

Me: man that was super nice, very nice. And that girl looks good also
Ady: yeeeeeah ...
Me: ok man, now Iím really going home
Ady: ok then, Iíll see you tomorrow
Me: you got it, night man.

During the walk home

Me: damn was the movie nice. I canít believe I havenít realized that until now,
Me: [day dreaming in the night] I wonder. Hm, who played Danielle?

That night I went to sleep, but suddenly I woke up at around 4 a.m.

Me: wtf? Whatís happening? Danielle? Damn ... have I gone mad? Err. ... These movies, theyíll kill you someday

After 7 hours (when I woke up)

Me: thereís nothing like a good nightís sleep, now is it?
Me: but. Wtf is happening to me? I, I feel different, unusual. Am I sick? No ... I canít be [and then, suddenly, it comes into my mind: Danielle]
Me: hmm ... she ... she ... she is ... hmm. Snap out of it ... stop thinking of her (I say to myself).

After getting out of bed and opening my computer

Me: letís see now. Who is this DANIELLE character? So ... firefox- www.imdb.com - Elisha Cuthbert.
Me: daaaamn ... Elisha. Angel ... perfect. Am I that sensitive? .... New tab ... Google - search Elisha Cuthbert, niiiice, fan clubs. Letís see now. At least one of these sites here has got to be official.

After 2 mins
Me: wtf? She has no official site... but does she have an e-mail or something?
Me: hmm. Only this ... ELISHA.XENONWEB.US . [Mumbling]. [Long pause] ooh boy. Addresses. Hmm.

After another 2 mins of searching

Me: how come no oneís tried to write to her? No one knows if those addresses work? What do I have to lose if I try to write to her?

So after this I begin to write to her. Dear Elisha, etc
Having written the letter, I print it (4 times, because I found there 4 addresses) and then itís off to the postal office

Me: hello miss, I want to send an international letter, so I would like 4 stamps for that and also 4 envelopes
Mrs. postal office: here you go
Me: thank you, here you go as well
Mrs. postal office: how come are you sending and international letter by the postal office and you are not e-mailing it, because thatís what kids these days do. Huh?
Me: well, Elisha Cuthbert doesnít have an official site and thus the only way to contact her is to send a letter.
Mrs. postal office: err? Huh?
Me: ha-ha ... you see my uncle lives in the USA and he doesnít have a PC, so thatís why Iím sending it like this. Do you understand?
Mrs. postal office: ooh. I see now. For a moment there I thought you were making fun of me?
Me: who. Me? Never? Well then ... Iím off now, good bye!
Mrs. postal office: ok, good bye!

After sending the letters, I went home full of expectations.

After 2 weeks I still havenít given up hope, but with every moment passing by I realize the truth.
Nevertheless, one day I receive a letter of response back from one of those addresses saying that Elisha is very busy right now and she will be available for the fans next month.
YEY. I actually managed to contact somehow Elisha. Now ... what to do what to do?

Me: wow ... I managed to track her down ... yeyeye... but she isn`t available `till next month. Man, what wouldnít I give just to meet her, let alone spend a few days with her?

After 1 min... In my parentís room

Me: mom, dad, can I go next month to USA?
Dad: sure son, why not?
Me: really?
Dad: wtf are you thinking? Are you crazy? Do you think you can come over to me and ask me just like that to go to the USA?
Me: but. But. But.ass. but
Dad: no buts. Have you at least thought a little before doing this?
Me: but dad, this means a lot to me, really ... it does, and I would appreciate it if you would let me do this
Dad: ok ...so letís assume that Iím letting you go, with what money you are going to buy the airplane tickets for example
me: I have a considerable amount of money saved up ( * I knew that saving money would come in handy one day ... little by little I managed to raise a nice sum of money *)
Dad: hmm. Let me think about this with your mother ... weíll tell you tomorrow
Me: great ... ok ... super [my parents give up so easily]

The next day

Me: so, what have you decided?
Dad: me and your mother have discussed and agreed that this could be a very useful experience for you, even though this may not seem a good decision.
Mom: indeed
Me: ok, then. Itís settled, next month Iím going to the USA

Then comes the period from the talk to the day before the flight

One day before my departure ... packing

me: ok now ... t-shirts ( check ) , jeans and other pants ( check ) , etc ... ( check ) ....
Me: thatís it, Iíve finished packing, and all that remains now to do is to wait.

5 mins later

Mom: hey!
Me: hey!
Mom: listen ... can I talk to you for a moment?
Me: sure
Mom: do you really think that it is worth taking this trip all the way to the USA just for that Shelia girl.
Mom: Elishaaaaaa, Shelia, it doesnít matter.... I asked you a question
me: of course Iím sure ... Iím absolutely positive ... you know me .. I wouldnít do anything unless I really want it [suurreee]
Mom: okay! But so you know, I donít entirely agree with this thing, if you wanted to travel abroad, why didnít you go to your cousin in Germany ... huh?
Me: mooom
Me: I want to do this, I neeeeed to do this, my entire soul needs to do this
Mom: (getting up and going towards the door mumbling). Kids these days ... things werenít as they used to be * cough * * cough * they want to rush everything
Me: oh well [moms these days]

After that ... I just sat around the house either chatting with my folks either sitting at my PC

Next morning - 10 oíclock - 4 hours remaining

Mom: hey, son, itís time to get up
Me: do I have to?
Mom: no you donít have to go to the USA [laughing] ... get up lazy bones
Me: okay... sheesh

I got up and washed, ate and stuffed what else was needed in my luggage and then internet time of course ... I had to enjoy these last moments ...

2 hours before departure

Me: ok dad, Iím ready to go, so, can we go? Can we? Can we pleeeasseeeee?
Dad: hold ya` horses sonny boy, weíre going, just let me get my shoes on
mom: I sure do hope everything turns out okay for you ... I thought about this last night and I realized that if this means so much to you , I will surely be by your side.
Me: [nice parents huh] thanks mom ... now ... get`chur`cheek here. And let me kiss you good bye [kiss]
Mom: bye son, keep in touch, phone me, wash your teeth, change your socks, donít get drunk, donít smoke
Me: sheesh [got my bags and rushed out the door yelling] BYYYEEEEE!
Dad: kids! Bye, I `all see you later

In the car on the way to the airport nothing interesting really happened ... just guy talk

At the airport

Me: hello
Some lady at the booth: good day...
Me: I would like 1 ticket, 1 way to Los Angeles please
Some lady at the booth: I am sorry, but we have no tickets for Los Angeles until next month ... they are all reserved
Some lady at the booth: I am sorry...
Me: dad ... I. I ... I canít do this anymore ... I
Dad: son, in life you canít always get what you want...
Me: why couldnít we have made reservations?
dad: I think that in this case it would be somehow my fault ... I thought that in this time of the year there wouldnít be any problems ... or at least thatís what Iíve heard ... Iím very sorry son
Me: hmm. Listen ... I was thinking ... there arenít any tickets for Los Angeles. But how about other cities?
Dad: no, no way
Me: Aw, címon dad, Iíve already packed and weíre already here...
Dad: err ... son
Me: listen ... I think that it would be a very good experience for me ... Iíll learn to manage myself in a foreign country, and, and think about it, you and mom will have time for yourselves ... eee ... címon. I know that in your mind you want it
Dad: weeeell... your mother is going to kill me if she knew. So this will remain just between us 2 ... you donít say a word to her ... youíll think of something when she calls you. Ok? Ok? Ok? ...
Me: suuuuuuuureeee, donít worry, and btw, thank you, I appreciate this
Dad: I know. Iím sure about this [laughing in a drunk Santa clause kinda way]

2 mins later

Some lady at the booth: hello ... back again?
Me: yes. I would like a ticket for the first plane to the nearest city to Los Angeles
Some lady at the booth: ok then, letís see, click click, 1 moment please ... click ...I could get you a ticket to Phoenix right away
Me: sure... gimme gimme gimme
Some lady at the booth: hold on ... here is the ticket ... but hurry up...
Me: ok thank you

Me: bye dad gotta run, or Iíll miss my plane :))
Dad: ok. Take care and good luck
Me: hehehe

After that I ran to the gate and found my seat in the plane...

During the flight

me: omg , I canít believe it , Iím actually doing this, Iím going to see Elisha

1 minute of silence

Me: wtf? let me see ... Country : USA , state: California , city : Los Angeles , address : damn ... I knew it .. I knew I forgot something
Me: eh, no matter, minor details, Iíll just go to a Internet cafe in Phoenix (if I can find one) ... but now, time to relax only 10 hours to go

After 9 and about a half hour

Some freaky lady at the speaker: AAAAATTEENNNTTTIIIIOOONN all passengers ... please fasten your seatbelts; we are going to arrive in Phoenix shortly.
Me: [waking up] who? What? Huh? [Asking the lady next to me]: ms. excuse me
Lady: yes?
Me: what time is it?
Lady: itís a quarter to 5 am
Me: thank you, oh. And another thing: do you live in Phoenix?
Lady: yes. Why?
Me: I was wondering if you could help me with something. Do you know if there are any buses to Los Angeles directly from Phoenix? And do you know roughly where the bus station is?
Lady: roughly? Roughly? Iíve been working at the buss station since 1999, so I guess. Yes. I know where it is [grinning]
Me: oh good, I canít believe my luck. Because I
Lady: sorry to interrupt, I forgot ... the bus to Los Angeles leaves at 2 pm
Me: great, thanks. Listen; can you give me your phone number? So that if I get lost or anything Iíll at least have someone to call
Lady: ok, I donít see why not...
Me: thanks
Lady: one more thing ... Iíll be there after 12. Took half the day off... in fact it was a week off [smiling]. I went to see my daughter in Denver
Me: ooh. Thatís nice

After she gives me her number she told me some things about Phoenix until the plane landed

Me: ok, see you later
Lady: ok, good bye

After 30 minutes, after getting my luggage, I wanted to go to an internet cafe; the only problem was that I didnít know how to get to one
Me: [I wonder]

At the taxi station at the airport

me: let me see , old ,old , old , old , hey , there` s a young man , maybe he knows what internet is :-"

Me: good day
Taxi dr: hi, do you want a ride?
Me: yes, sort of, I was also wondering if you could help me with a problem
Taxi dr: well, Iíll try [smiling]
Me: I need to get to an internet cafe ... o you happen to know where I might find one.
Taxi dr: youíre in luck, hop in, Iíll take you to my favorite one
Me: great

In the taxi, we just talked about different things ... nothing important

At the internet cafe

Me: whatíll it be?
Taxi dr: for you, 10 bucks
Me: oh, thanks a lot, here you go
Taxi dr: thanks and good luck
Me: you too

In the cafe, at the PC

Me:ok so ... yahoo messenger [click]. Username: [type], password: [type], log in, hm. damn no Elisha fans on. Must be because of the time zone
Harrybobo is now online
Me: yey ... itís a miracle
Me: yo dude ... whassup
Harrybobo: yo vanilla face ... whatís up?
Me: just hanging around, in PHOENIX, ARIZONA
Harrybobo: O. omg ... wtf are you doing there?
Me: donít you remember ... I told you a couple of weeks ago that I was going to search Elisha
Harrybobo: damn ... I didnít think you were serious:|
Harrybobo: btw ... if you want to say something to her, I think nowís the best time, because sheís
Me: sheís what?
Me: what?
Harrybobo: ONLINE, at yourspace
Me: really. Let me see. www.yourspace.is.mine
Me: holy sh1t ... sheís really on

After sending her a message

Me: sent her a message I was coming ... hope she sees it
Harrybobo: pray for it: P
Me: ((refreshing the page) Elisha is OFFLINE.). Dude. She logged out. Damn
harrybobo: that`s a bummer
Harrybobo: how long are you going to be in Phoenix Anyway?
Me: not much, I got a bus for Los Angeles today at 2 pm
Harrybobo: ooh ... aight: P
Me: hey. Brainstorm...
Harrybobo: woot?
Me: let me see something...
1 min later
Me: yes ... it is there.
Harrybobo: whatís there?
Me: her favorite places in LA ... like where she eats, hang out etc. u know
Harrybobo: oh. Ok. Listen dude. Good luck there. I gotta log out.... itís very late here and I havenít slept all night
Me: ok ... talk to ya as soon as possible. . Thanks
Harrybobo: bye
Harrybobo is now offline
OUT OF YM (yahoo messenger)
Me: well that was a nice talk. Anyway. Iíd better get some more info about her ...like an address or something

2 hours later, I had left the cafe I wanted to check out the city. After that, I took a cab and I went to the bus station

There, the phone rang

Me: (wet? Mom? ) - answering - hello mom. .. How are you
Mom: fine. Fine ... how are you?
Me: very good
Mom: where are you?
Me:what do you mean where? In Ph.... [Daaaaaaaamn]
Mom: ph what?
Me: phat Angeles ... where else could I be? Listen, got to run, gotta catch a cab, wanna see Beverly Hills
Mom: [hm] ok then. Take care
Me: ok then, Iíll call you in the evening or tomorrow
mom:ok , good bye [ while she was taking the phone away from her ear , my father : you see darling , heís okay * )
Me: hang up- damn dad, oh well. I got away this time ... didnít I? Now ... tickets....

At the bus station, with the lady from the plane

Me: hello again
Lady: oh. Hello. I see youíve managed to get here safe and sound
Me: yea ... nice city Phoenix
Lady: yes it is ... so ... if I remember well you wanted to get to Los Angeles. Right?
Me: indeed [hehehe]
Lady: a ticket, one way is 25$
Me: ok then. Here you go
Lady: thank you ... I hope to see you again someday
Me: me too

After getting my ticket I waited 10 more minutes for the bus, hopped in and slept till LA

Me: now comes the fun part ... hope this trip turns out ok

After a rather boring bus ride I finally get to LA

Me: at last, finally, YEEEEESSSSS ... Iím here. Now. Where should I start? Itís about 5 and a half pm so I donít think that I could do anything tonight. Iíd better check in a motel and recharge my batteries for tomorrow, and maybe I can find more about her, maybe someone knows something about her.

I took a cab and headed to the nearest motel

At the reception

Me: hello
Receptionist: I
Me: Iíd like a room to spend the night
Receptionist:*smile* ok, a room for one person is 9 dollars per night
Me: ok, here you go. keep the change
Receptionist: *giggling* thanks ... by the way, thereís a ball game tonight, if you want you can watch it here ... thereís the couch, thereís the TV, thereís the bar
Me: *hmm ... maybe I should ....* ok then ... what time does it start?
Receptionist: be here at 9 pm
Me: cool. Okay

After that I went to my room, and just thought about ... err. Just guess

9 pm ... at the reception

Receptionist: hey
Me: my nameís &*^*&^$#
Receptionist: I, Tom
Me: so what time does the match start?
Receptionist: at around a quarter to 10
Me: aight

10 minutes later

Me: hey... do you know Elisha Cuthbert?
Receptionist: do I know her? ... I see her nearly every day
Me: whaaat? How come?
Receptionist: well, you see ... her favorite restaurant is 1 block away, and while she goes there to eat me usually go to work ... man ... isnít she the bomb?
Me:yeaaah... so tell me more. What time ... whatís the name of the restaurant ... if she comes alone or not...
Receptionist: well ... the restaurantís name is Dats ... and sheís there at around 12 ... oh.and she usually is alone
Me: oh ... ok
Receptionist: why do you ask? You wanna meet her or what?
Me: ha-ha. Neah ... Iím just here to visit a friend
Receptionist: oh. . Ok ok. Now. The match is starting...

Watched the match ... not much to see though

Shortly after it ended I rushed to my room and slept like a baby

The next day ... at around 11 is.

Me: awgh ... freaking bed ... that Dorothy character was right ... thereís no place like home. Damn... I gotta eat, and get to the restaurant...

I ate and then I set off

Me: * thinking: hmm. Ok so I find her. I go to her ... but what should I say? ... Damn ...it seems Iíll just have to make it up on the spot *
Me: where the freak is that restaurant? Dats, there it is hmm. Now. How to get in. it seems I donít need to. Thereís an outdoor area
Me: where. Where ... omg ... there ... itís her ... no. it canít be ... yes. Yes. It is her

On my way to her table, I see a small group of foreigners approaching her

Me: (normally ... approaching them I realize that they are Danish ... (by their caps). and one of them was holding "Lonely Planets" travel book ... *damn. do they write about movie stars in these kind of books now???* .. Anyway. She seemed rather bothered by them so:

Me: boys and girls ... I beg you ... Elisha have a very important interview today and she really needs to focus ... so please ... leave her alone. ..
One of the guys in the group: and let me guess. Youíre her bodyguard arenít you?
me: awgh ... you got me ... I aunt her bodyguard but if you want to meet Crusher Bob , Spunky Pete and Bulldozer Bill , as she likes to call them I suggest you leave .. NOW

One of the guys in the group: oh. Okay. Okay. At least we got to see her. Thanks Elisha
Elisha: youíre welcome ... good bye

After they had left the restaurant...

Me: well ... hello
Elisha: hey there. Thanks a lot. You know... you would have been useful yesterday as well. And last week and last month for that matter (smile). Whatís your name?
Me: *hehehe. Smile* ^&^*&^*&^
Elisha: well ^&^*&^*&^ ... would you like to have a seat?
Me: would I? Listen ... [losing my words]
Elisha: yes? * Smile *
Me: I came all over here from Europe just to meet you. I donít know how I did it. Must have been lucky ... I am a big fan. I...
Elisha: slow down there tiger...
Me: [ooh. tiger .thatís nice]
Elisha: Europe? ... What country
Me: Romania
Elisha: wow. Thatís a pretty long way ... just to see me?
Me: yessss
Elisha: oooh ... you must be the one who wrote an e-mail yesterday on yourspace. Right? I remember you now. You know. I really liked that e-mail. What you said. How you said it.
Me: ooh boy...
Elisha: listen I would like to talk to you again sometime and maybe reward you for what you`ve done earlier
Me: reward ... ooh. Oh. Sorry. Well. Iím staying ... thatís not the problem
Elisha: ok then. Hereís my number ... call me tomorrow at around 3 pm. okay?
Me: will do...
Elisha: ok then. Got to run ... bye
Me: see ya.

This time Iíll try to write in a more reader friendly layout

N ext day, at 3 PM


Elisha: hello?
Me: hello? Itís me. &^@#$* . We met yesterday at the restaurant. Remember?
Elisha: oh, sure. Howíve you been?
Me: fine, fine. So, do you have plans for the day?
Elisha: well, Iíve just finished what I had planned for the day, and now I plan to relax.
Me: alone?
Elisha: of course not. With Sean.
Me: oh, I see
Elisha: ah donít be silly. Sean is away, went to New York for a match. Didnít I tell you yesterday that weíll hang out today?
Me: [err, wow, didnít expect this] he, ok then. So, where shall we meet?
Elisha: well, grab a taxi and come to this address. [Says the address]
Me: ok, well see you.
Elisha: see you.

After hanging up, went on the sidewalk, and waited for a taxi. I got in, said where I had to go and just thought about rubbish.

After getting down

Me: how much?
Taxi driver: 25 $
Me: here you go. Thank you
Me: [looking around, checking the area looking at the ďcastlesĒ there. until I see her] helllooooo.
Elisha: whose.
Me: eh, [playing along] FO sho homie.
Elisha: ha-ha, come on.
Me: So, what are we going to do today?
Elisha: nothing special, just watch a movie or two eat Mexican food of course and just talk.
Me: perfect

After watching the movie, we just stood and talked for a time.

Elisha: so where did you say you were?
Me: Romania
Elisha: that must be in Europe, the eastern part right?
Me: spot on.
Elisha: so tell me about you. What are your plans for the future?
Me: well, I have another year until I graduate from high-school and then I want to go to a university
Elisha: where?
Me: thatís the problem. I donít know where exactly, but I would prefer it to be here in the USA.
Elisha: have you taken into consideration Los Angeles?
Me: I donít know. As much as I would like it here, I think it would be hard for me to get to know to the city and get used to the life here. And there are also some other things Ö
Elisha: well, from what Iíve seen, I guarantee you that you wonít have any problems in getting used to the city, and I would really like to get to talk to you and see you more often, I donít know why, I feel comfortable around you.
Me: [swallowing, daaamn] ah, don`t play with me.
Elisha: I am not. Really, I know this sounds if not strange, weird, but I longed for a new friend, someone like you
Me: well, I donít know what to say.
Elisha: I know this must be somehow on the fly said, but Ö
Me: no sweat. Listen, I would really like to come here, I just need to talk to my folks, and Iíll do that in like 2-3 days when I return home.
Elisha: ok

After this, we just talked about our preferences, what we liked, disliked, etc.

When it was time for me to go

Me: thank you again for today
Elisha: no problem, I would like to thank you too.
Me: for wh Ö ah. Youíre welcome
Elisha: just remember, weíre having lunch tomorrow. Ok?
Me: of course, at what time should I be there?
Elisha: 12 oíclock sharp.
Me: ok, good bye
Elisha: good bye.

12 oíclock at the restaurant. I arrive there, sit down at a table and wait Ö and then she comes

Me: hey
Elisha: hey. So have you talked with your folks?
Me: yes, dad took the news fine but mom as always. You know
Elisha: ha-ha, I get it. So when have you decided to go?
Me: well, I think tomorrow.
Elisha: need someone to drive you to the airport?
Me: well, it depends
Elisha: on what?
Me: on whom that someone is
Elisha: [giggle].
Me: never mind this; weíll have time to discuss about this some other time. Now, Iíd like to know more about you, `cause I didnít get the chance to know you well enough yesterday.
Elisha: oh, ok then. Letís see, what I can tell you. Ö..

And she just told me different stuff about her, until it was time to set off, we said goodbye

Next day, we met at the restaurant to have lunch and then she was to drive me to the airport

Me: well good day, how are you feeling today?
Elisha: happy and upset at the same time.
Me: oh. I see
Elisha: listen, have you decided what you are going to study at university
Me: yes, I want to study entertainment and media
Elisha: hmm, ok. [Thinking]
Me: what?
Elisha: nothing. [: P]
Me: are you hungry?
Elisha: not really
Me: good, me neither. What do you say we head to the airport, `cause by the look of the traffic Ö
Elisha: ok then, come on.
Me: nice car, ha-ha.
Elisha: glad you like it.

Aboard the Elisha-mobile nothing interesting happened really.

After arriving to the airport, I got my bags and went to buy some tickets

Me: weíve got plenty of time to spare
Elisha: yes, indeed, oh well.
Me: I way ticket to Bucharest please.
Lady at the booth: here you go
Me: here you go as well. Thank you
Lady at the booth: neeeext!
Me: argh Ö come on, letís find a place to sit
Elisha: ok... look, there is a couple there

After sitting down

Me: will we still keep in touch while I am away?
Elisha: what do you think? Youíre kind of nebbish [: P]
Me: ha-ha.
Elisha: sure we will, here, I wrote my e-mail, address and phone number there [giving me a piece of paper]
Me: He, well then, let me give you mine [writing down]

After that we just waited for the plane.

When it was time to go

Me: well then, this is it. I wanted to thank you for the great time I had
Elisha: me too.
Me: I wonít say good bye, just see you.
Elisha: I like that, see you. [Kissing on the cheek]
Me: [mumbling]
Elisha: keep in touch.

On the plane I was couldnít think of anything really because of the, u know what.

Bucharest, airport

Dad: well hello there, you little USA-ish adventurer
Me: err, what did I do?
Dad: nothing son, why?
Me: ah, sorry, Iím just tired from the flight. Did u tell mom about what happened?
Dad: no, and it is fine the way it is.
Me: phew, ok then. Whereís the car
Dad: just outside. Come on

In the car

Dad: [playful as always] where to sir?
Me: [:-ď] to the bat cave Alfred, to the bat cave
Dad: home it is then.

Arriving home.

Mom: there you are I was worried sick about you. Why havenít you called, why havenít you answered your phone? Why? Why?
Me: mom, calm down, Iím here arenít I?
Mom: you kids will never learn. Anyway, Iím glad you came home. [Trying to kiss me on the cheek].
Me: no mom, no this one, kiss me on the other one. This one hurts.
Mom: [giggle] ok then [kissing and going into the house]
Me: [that one sure hurts all right, ha-ha]
Dad: come on. Iíll get your bags.
Me: thanks.

After going in the house also and having a bite to eat. I rushed upstairs and naturally turned on my PC and e-mailed Elisha, saying that I arrived home, I `m fine and I was looking forward to hearing back from her.

In the evening, at dinner, I had to tell my folks everything about my trip.

In the evening

Mom: so, tell us, how was it? Start with the plane trip, how was it?
Me: well, it was boring really, so many hours of flight from here to Ph. Los Angeles [oops, I did it again], exhausting.
Dad: I know it must have been hard for you Ö
Me: yeah, and then, nothing really interesting happened until I actually met her
Mom & dad: what?
Me: whaaat? What did I say?
Dad: you actually me her?
Me: yes, here, and I had the time of my life with her.
Dad: I see, well son, weíre happy for you, if youíre happy, weíre happy
Me: there is also one more thing I wanted to tell you
Dad: yes?
Me: you know, taking into consideration the fact that next year I will be graduating from high-school. I need to think about a university Ö
Dad: yes, I see, so what have you thought of?
Me: well, itís not so much what I have thought of but where I have thought of studying.
Dad: donít tell me, Los Angeles
Me: ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Err, yes.
Dad: well, you might be surprised of what Iím about to say, but, weíll let you do what you think is best for you?
Me: [looking stunned] ok then, as you say [still stunned], really?
Mom: yes son, while you were away, me and your father talked about a lot of things and we agreed that it is time you took some decisions of your own, you are grown up now.
Me: [getting up from the table, ready to run up the stairs] ok, then. I donít know what to say, except thank you for trusting me. Good bye now... haahha

After that horribly pleasant experience with my mom and dad, I phoned Elisha and told her. She seemed more thrilled than me.

So the days have passed one by one and the summer came and high-school days came to an end. This could mean only one thing, LA here I come. I wasnít really sure what I will do there once I arrived I would see. I talked to Elisha the day before on the phone and she assured me that everything will be fine, to trust her, and she said she was looking forward to seeing me again.

When the time came to go

Mom: omg, I hope I donít burst into tears. Just go now. Good bye.
Me: donít worry mom, Iíll be fine, trust me. And donít forget, you need to come and visit next month.
Mom: ok, weíll see, good bye.
Me: [to my dad] comes Alfred, we need to depart.
Dad: ok ok, Iím ready, get in the car.

At the airport

Dad: well son, go get your ticket
Me: ha-ha, you know what is going to happen now right?
Dad: hmmm Ö
Me: 1 ticket, 1 way to Los Angeles please
Lady at the booth: Iím sorry but, theyíre all booked, you know, you should have made reservations. But, I might have a ticket to Phoenix if you want Ö.


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Old 12-30-2006, 07:35 PM
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Default Re: Story

Very nice story LPS :D
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Old 12-30-2006, 08:56 PM
Johnny Curly Johnny Curly is offline
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Default Re: Story

I know the story and this's another opportunity to say : Your Story Rocks Dude ! I'm glad you're Romanian
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Old 12-30-2006, 10:16 PM
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Talking Re: Story

Big applause for our new writer!
Allan Gabriel,
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Default Re: Story

Lol just spent last few minutes reading your story mate. And it's great!! It made me wonder lol. This is categoric evidence that you're a great writer, but you already know that lol ;)
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Old 01-13-2007, 11:39 PM
LPS LPS is offline
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Default Re: Story

no i`m not :))

i haven`t demonstrated anything with this story .. but something big will come up ... when i have the time . atm i have 1 idea , but if you guys give me some more i would be more than happy to write about them ;)
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Old 01-13-2007, 11:45 PM
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Default Re: Story

You're just being modest, but I don't doubt that you can do better. And the idea you've got is gonna take a while but it will be worth it. So continue with the good writing and if I think of anything i will let you know lol
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Old 01-14-2007, 12:06 AM
LPS LPS is offline
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Default Re: Story

when it`ll come out it`ll be big .. really big :D at least in size :) thats why it`s gonna take some time .. and now i`m really kinda short on good ideas :) so i`ll appreciate any help could give me
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Old 01-14-2007, 02:47 PM
RaYder RaYder is offline
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Default Re: Story

Yeah :) LPS is a very good writer ;) Good luck whit your big story
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Old 01-14-2007, 03:09 PM
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Default Re: Story

Very nice, but I think it's a little strange that you write such a story about her and you... I mean, you know that the chance that this actually happens is slim to none, so why do you put so much time in such a story?

However, very well done, keep up the great work!

Oh, and you asked for new ideas... what do you dream about, write about that! For example, I'd love to be a well known DJ in the future, dunno about you. Just imagine you've achieved a big goal, and then write about it. How you achieved it and things like that. Hope that helps!
In Trance I Trust!
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