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Arrow New site rule

I apologize for the inconvenience you might experience but...

Human spammers are the latest issue happening here - now - what I can do as admin of this site is to delete such accounts - banning IPs or e-mails is not really effective - but pruning such accounts once a week is the way to deal with it.

Now, the rule has been implemented because this forum has daily huge waves of human spammers trying to register and post stupid commercial links to products like Viagra and stuff like that: I will make a statement here - seriously, I do not have time to come online often (every time a knuckle-head spammer tries to register) and delete such accounts or block IPs (it's simply not effective), but at least I can urge users who wish to become true members of this community to make some contributions with valid comments (15 posts) to the already existing topics before making their own.

And, no I'm not planning to shut down this site - and I don't have to explain myself here too much - if this site is to remain as an archive of images/news/videos with Elisha - then that's the way it should be: we do not need to comply to any requests that do not fit in the way in which this site runs.

If you can understand that, OK, and thank you, but if not, I truly am sorry, but fighting against stupid human spammers is not something I wish to spend too much time with.
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